Despite the location, despite the cold temperatures, and despite the increasing darkness and chaos of the surrounding culture, there was an especially triumphant spirit among the pro-life intercessors who were outside the Planned Parenthood abortion business this morning. 

And that triumphant spirit was particularly authentic and valuable because the Christians displaying it are not at all heedless of what’s going on in the world. Indeed, they do not have their heads stuck in the sand. They have not surrendered to the spirit of the age. They do not seek their comfort and peace of mind through mindless entertainment nor the type of pleasant, accommodating pietism so commonplace in the Church today.

No, the triumph that we relished this morning came from our embrace of the sovereignty of Almighty God, the deliverance from the penalty of our sins offered by Christ’s atoning death in our behalf, the glorious (and forever) future that is the inheritance of every born again Christian, and the ever-present power of the Holy Spirit which allows us (in whatever circumstances) to speak the truth in love to the culture. It was around these wonderful truths this morning that we prayed together, shared Scriptures, conversed, and sang Christmas carols — all the while presenting a winsome pro-life witness to those driving by. 

And this intensely stimulating fellowship continued over coffee and tea over at John & Barb’s later. That was terrific too. What a critical help in life is having friends like these. Thanks Matt, John, Barb, Bev, Isaac, Patrick, Quint, Mary, Allen, Ruth, Don, and Mark. And thanks to all of you who pray alongside with us in this important ministry. 

But be doers of the word,
and not hearers only.