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In this section, we provide you with a few of our most requested articles and fact sheets. Most of them are written by Denny Hartford but there are others written or compiled by people we respect and trust. We hope you find these articles informative and helpful. Of course, we’re not trying to provide a comprehensive pro-life catalog here and so we heartily encourage you to also use our links page to locate whatever else you night need.


Views on Abortion from Church History

Key Scripture Passages Relating to the Sanctity of Human Life

Early Prenatal Development

Chemical Abortion

The Profane Politics of RU-486

Saying No to NORPLANT

The New Abortionists

Planned Parenthood

The Facts Are In About Planned Parenthood — And They Aren’t Pretty

Planned Parenthood: Behind the Slogans

The Girl Scouts: Still Connecting with the Wrong Crowd

8 Major Reasons Why I Oppose Planned Parenthood

Brain Death

Brain Death – Beyond the Slogan

Brain Death: The Hoax That Won’t Die

Understanding Brain Death


Sample of Nebraska Health Care PoA with Will to Live Language

Life Support Directive

The Christian Life

The Indispensables

The Pro-Life Indispensables

The Notting Hill Napoleons

The Code of Chivalry

Top Ten Hints for a Marvelous Marriage

The Passing of Christmas

But be doers of the word,
and not hearers only.