Looking for some of the best, most relevant articles from the alternative media dealing with the culture wars? Here’s a few of my suggestions from recent days.

“Biden climate envoy John Kerry is a lifelong joke” (Editors, New York Post)

“If Americans Can No Longer Trust Our Elections, We’re In Big Trouble” (Willis L. Krumholz, Federalist)

“The approaching storm in US-Israel relations” (Caroline Glick, Jewish News Syndicate)

“Does Supporting President Trump Hurt the Gospel? Andy Stanley Says Yes. Here Is Why I Disagree” (Shane Idleman, The Stream)

“The Atlantic stuns with feature accused of ‘cheering eugenics,’ promoting ‘murder’ of Down syndrome babies” (Brian Flood, Fox News)

* “Biden-Harris aim to cripple cops nationwide in name of Black Lives Matter” (Heather Mac Donald, New York Post)

* “5 Reasons Conservatives Should Have Hope For The Future” (Peter Burfeind, Federalist)

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and not hearers only.