This morning we sent out a few letters to the law enforcement agencies in our area. That included the Omaha Police Department, the State Patrol, Douglas County Sheriffs Department, and a couple of others near us. We suggest you do the same. Perhaps get your kids and grandkids involved…maybe your church, Sunday School class, or small group. The letter below is one of those we sent.

Dear Police Chief Schmaderer,

Just a quick note to pass along from not only my wife Claire and me but from the Governing Board of Vital Signs Ministries, a Christian pro-life work headquartered here in Omaha, our deep appreciation for the ongoing professionalism, courage, compassion, skill and dedication you and the forces of the Omaha Police Department daily invest in the service of our community.  You have richly earned our respect, admiration, and gratitude‚Ķand you remain in our frequent and fervent prayers.
We know too that the numbers of citizens who feel this way constitute the majority.  They know that an ethically responsible police force is absolutely indispensable to social order.  So thank you again and please pass on our sentiments to the men and women serving alongside you. 
Denny & Claire Hartford

But be doers of the word,
and not hearers only.