Among the most relevant, enlightening, and practically helpful articles around the web are those listed below.

So, take a break from housework, watching yet another episode of Gunsmoke, or whatever and check them out.

* “Where coronavirus outbreak started in Washington state, officials see hope as cases appear to be leveling off” (Robert Klemko, Washington Post)

* “The New Favelas: A West Coast experiment with sanctioned homeless encampments has proved disastrous. And Covid-19 might make it even worse.” (Christopher F. Rufo, City Journal)

* “Coronavirus: The European Union Unravels” (Soeren Kern, Gatestone Institute)

* “Cheap TVs, Expensive Flu” (Ann Coulter, Town Hall)

* “The Political Media Are Failing America” (David Harsanyi, National Review)

* “Which Story Is Bigger News: Richard Burr, Andrew Gillum, Or Ilhan Omar?” (Francis Menton, Manhattan Contrarian)

* “Pope Francis blames coronavirus on nature ‘having a fit’ over environmental damage” (Matthew Cullinan Hoffman, Life Site News)

But be doers of the word,
and not hearers only.