We are sending out this morning to our quarantined “When Swing Was King” fans the third in our ongoing series of activity sheets. As we’ve mentioned earlier, this project is to help the residents occupy their time in these boring days of isolation, kindle memories which encourage happiness and self-esteem, and let them know that we are thinking of them and lifting prayers to God in their behalf.

But there is another wonderful possibility in this project. And that is if others (like you!) would get involved. 

You can easily do so by making contact with seniors you know and with local senior care facilities in view of sending to them these activity sheets. Depending on the installment, they will offer trivia relevant to seniors (including baby boomers), quizzes (with answers provided at the end), quotations on various themes (including Scriptures), and even some casually engaging Bible quizzes.

This Vital Signs Blog post (“A Quarantine Activity Option”) outlines the plan and gives the first activity sets. The second activity set can be found in this post.

And the latest set of quizzes are printed below.

Have fun — we know you’ll try them yourself! But please do consider using email or postal letter or even the telephone to pass them along to someone who might otherwise be at home or in their lonely assisted living room worrying and twiddling their thumbs.


Hey friends, Denny & Claire here. The quarantine is getting to us all but we are working, reading, walking, and praying our way through it. And, of course, many of our prayers concern our “When Swing Was King” fans. We are asking the Lord to grant you good heath, exceptional patience, and deep spiritual joy even in the midst of this “Great Hunkering Down” period.

In this series we have 30 Multiple Choice questions on a variety of popular culture topics. Those are followed by 40 Matching questions that connect major motion pictures with their stars AND songs to specific singers or bands. The answers to both sets of questions will be there too.  Hope to see you soon but, until then, we will keep in contact with these activity packs. We hope they help pass the time a bit.

Multiple Choice Questions

1) What was Woodstock?
a) an anti-war demonstration
b) a Plymouth station wagon
c) a rock music festival
d) a tree-hugging event

2) What famous baseball player married Marilyn Monroe in 1954?
a) Mickey Mantle
b) Ted Williams
c) Ty Cobb
d) Joe DiMaggio

3) What was Doc Severinsen’s instrument?
a) trumpet
b) flute
c) drums
d) electric guitar

4) Who was the first man on the moon?
a) Buzz Aldrin
b) Neil Armstrong
c) John Glenn
d) Gus Grissom

5) Which of the following is NOT a Johnny Cash hit?
a) “I Walk the Line”
b) “Blue Suede Shoes”
c) “A Boy Named Sue”
d) “Folsom Prison Blues”

6) Which TV game show began in 1956 and is yet running today?
a) The $64,000 Question
b) The Millionaire
c) The Price is Right
d) Hollywood Squares

7) Which of these clergymen did NOT have a very influential TV presence?
a) Billy Sunday
b) Oral Roberts
c) Fulton Sheen
d) Billy Graham

8) In 1952 Dr. Jonas Salk created a vaccine for…
a) polio
b) measles
c) diphtheria
d) malaria

9) Which of the following actors was NOT known for making gangster movies?
a) Jimmy Cagney
b) Humphrey Bogart
c) George Raft
d) Maurice Chevalier

10) What was Jimmy Dorsey’s main instrument?
a) trumpet
b) saxophone
c) clarinet
d) trombone

11) What was the name of the first satellite launched into orbit? It was in 1957 and it was sent up by the USSR.
a) Vostok
b) Sputnik
c) The Motherland
d) Telstar

12) Which of the following was NOT the first name of a First Lady?
a) Mamie
b) Eleanor
c) Jenny
d) Pat

13) What went up in 1961 and came down in 1989?
a) The Manchester Airport Tower
b) The satellite Telstar
c) The stock prices of General Motors
d) The Berlin Wall

14) In Ella Fitzgerald’s hit with Chick Webb, “A-Tisket, A-Tasket,”
what color was her basket?
a) aquamarine
b) deep purple
c) yellow
d) the song doesn’t tell us

15) What was Lionel Hampton’s instrument?
a) vibraphone
b) saxophone
c) clarinet
d) coronet

16) Which rising young movie star died in a 1955 automobile accident?
a) Montgomery Clift
b) Sal Mineo
c) James Dean
d) Jayne Mansfield

17) Before becoming a national treasure, this Midwest bandleader led a group called The Hotsy Totsy Boys.
a) Lawrence Welk
b) Shep Fields
c) Bernie Moten
d) Harry James

18) Which of these pairs do NOT fit?
a) The Lone Ranger and Tonto
b) Little Orphan Annie and Lassie
c) Howdy Doody and Buffalo Bob
d) The Cisco Kid and Pancho

19) The sweet treat that was, for many years, the sponsor of the Jack Benny Radio Show was…
a) Fig Newtons
b) Jello
c) Kool-Aid
d) Mounds candy bars

20) Capri pants, poodle skirts, Peter Pan collar blouses, and (for guys) leather jackets are all most associated with the fashions of what decade?
a) 1920s
b) 1940s
c) 1950s
d) 1960s

21) America’s project leading towards putting men on the moon was called?
a) Mercury
b) The Great Frontier
c) Apollo
d) Gemini

22) This popular singer was also remarkably skilled in the cowboy art of “quick-drawing” a pistol.
a) Vaughn Monroe
b) Sammy Davis Jr.
c) Elvis Presley
d) Jimmy Dean

23) This popular actor portrayed both Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett on television. He was:
a) James Garner
b) Clint Walker
c) Fess Parker
d) Hugh O’Brien

24) Which of these actresses did NOT co-star in a film with Fred Astaire?
a) Ginger Rogers
b) Audrey Hepburn
c) Petula Clark
d) Juliet Prowse

25) In 1965 Craig Breedlove set a new land speed record of over 600 mph. Where was the track?
a) Daytona, Florida
b) Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah
c) Sebring Raceway, Florida
d) Gran Prix Circuit, Monaco

26) Not only a great bandleader and pianist, this fellow is credited with writing over a thousand songs.
a) Lionel Hampton
b) Count Basie
c) Duke Ellington
d) Eddie Howard

27) “Let’s Dance” was the theme song of what great big band?
a) Benny Goodman Orchestra
b) Freddy Martin Orchestra
c) Louis Armstrong Orchestra
d) Lawrence Welk Orchestra

28) Which of these movie stars was NOT born in Nebraska?
a) Henry Fonda
b) Fred Astaire
c) Donna Reed
d) Robert Taylor

29) What was the most disastrous strategic move Germany made in World War II?
a) Battle of the Bulge
b) Bombing London
c) Aligning with Italy
d) The invasion of Russia

30) Which of the following was NOT a popular hair grooming product of the 1940s and 1950s?
a) Vitalis
b) Oxydol
c) Brylcreem
d) Wildroot Cream Oil

Match the Movie to the Actor

31) Stagecoach _____________ A) Errol Flynn

32) Citizen Kane _____________ B) Bing Crosby

33) Bullitt _____________ C) Orson Welles

34) Maltese Falcon      _____________ D) William Holden

35) Robin Hood _____________ E) Cary Grant

36) To Catch a Thief _____________ F) John Wayne

37) Stalag 17 _____________ G) Burt Lancaster

38) Kings Row _____________ H) Humphrey Bogart

39) Going My Way _____________ I) Ronald Reagan

40) Birdman of Alcatraz  _____________ J) Steve McQueen

Match the Movie to the Actress

41) Singin’ in the Rain _____________ A) Audrey Hepburn

42) Gone with the Wind _____________ B) Grace Kelly

43) Mrs. Miniver _____________ C) Greta Garbo

44) The Seven Year Itch _____________ D) Ingrid Bergman

45) Sound of Music _____________ E) Elizabeth Taylor

46) Breakfast at Tiffany’s _____________ F) Judy Andrews

47) Casablanca _____________ G) Vivien Leigh

48) To Catch a Thief _____________ H) Marilyn Monroe

49) Cleopatra _____________ I) Debbie Reynolds

50) Ninotchka _____________ J) Greer Garson

Match the Song to the Singer or Band

51) “Moon River” _____________ A) Doris Day

52) “Chattanooga Choo Choo” _____________ B) Bing Crosby

53) “Take the ‘A’ Train” _____________ C) Fred Astaire

54) “Que Sera, Sera” _____________ D) Nat King Cole Trio

55) “Cheek to Cheek” _____________ E) Duke Ellington

56) “Auld Lang Syne” _____________ F) Harry James

57) “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree” _____________ G) Andy Williams

58) “Swingin’ On a Star” _____________ H) Andrews Sisters

59) “Route 66” _____________ I) Guy Lombardo band

60) “Ciribiribin” _____________ J) Glenn Miller band

61) “Sentimental Journey” _____________ A) Rosemary Clooney

62) “Volare” _____________ B) Sammy Davis Jr.

63) “Love Letters in the Sand” _____________ C) Lawrence Welk

64) “Stormy Weather” _____________ D) Dean Martin

65) “Catch a Falling Star” _____________ E) McGuire Sisters

66) “Sugartime” _____________         F) Lena Horne

67) “Tammy” _____________ G) Dinah Shore

68) “This Old House” _____________ H) Pat Boone

69) “Bubbles in the Wine” _____________ I) Debbie Reynolds

70) “I Gotta’ Be Me” _____________ J) Perry Como


1) C
2) D
3) A
4) B
5) B

6) C
7) A
8) A
9) D
10) B

11) B
12) C
13) D
14) C
15) A

16) C
17) A
18) B
19) B
20) C

21) C
22) B
23) C
24) D
25) B

26) C
27) A
28) C
29) D
30) B

31) F
32) C
33) J
34) H
35) A

36) E
37) D
38) I
39) B
40) G

41) I
42) G
43) J
44) H
45) F

46) A
47) D
48) B
49) E
50) C

51) G
52) J
53) E
54) A
55) C

56) I
57) H
58) B
59) D
60) F

61) G
62) D
63) H
64) F
65) J

66) E
67) I
68) A
69) C
70) B

But be doers of the word,
and not hearers only.