The “Great Hunkering Down” has kept us out of the 12 senior living facilities where we are honored and blessed to present our “When Swing Was King” shows every month. That’s a bummer, no doubt.

But instead of just twiddling our thumbs and waiting for permission to re-enter the premises, we have been creating and sending over “Anti-Boredom” packets with quizzes, quotations, personal notes, and a few photos.

They have been received warmly and wonderfully by both the residents and by the activity directors. They have also been appreciated by some of you guys, especially those who not only have fun taking the quizzes yourself but who then pass them along to the seniors (and baby boomers) among your own family and friends.

Well, here you go with # 8 in the series!

But be doers of the word,
and not hearers only.