We believe in these core doctrines of Christian theology: the authority and inerrancy of Scripture; the Trinity; the fall of man through sin resulting both in his separation from the holy God and his condemnation; the full deity and humanity of Christ; the substitutionary atonement accomplished through the death of Christ; the physical resurrection of Christ; salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone; the physical return of Christ; and the reality of an eternity with redeemed mankind living in glorified bodies and whole souls with God and all His angels amid the harmony of Christ’s new heavens and new earth.

Furthermore, we believe it important to underscore our belief in certain Bible teachings that are under grave attacks in our era. Those doctrines include: God’s creation of mankind into two sexes — male and female; marriage being a divinely instituted covenant between one man and one woman as long as they both shall live; children are, from the very moment of conception (implantation) human beings who are fully deserving of respect, appreciation, and protection; and the sanctity of all human life emphasized in the Scriptures requires Christians to promote and protect life without regard to age, health, or any degree of “wantedness” determined by others.

But be doers of the word,
and not hearers only.