Since its beginnings in 1982, the core values of Vital Signs Ministries have been a commitment to Christian orthodoxy and a comprehensive sanctity of life ethic. We are focused on spreading the Good News, promoting sound Christian doctrine, and encouraging our world to receive the abundant life that God has promised His children.

As our organization fights for the rights of the unborn, we offer a variety of resources and services to promote God’s abundant life. Vital Signs Ministries offers services of sidewalk counseling, sending ultrasounds to third-world countries, content production for outreach, and a senior ministry called “When Swing Was King.” Our organization is pro-WHOLE life, meaning that we are advocates of abundant life for people in the womb, and people out of the womb. Life is to be valued at every moment.

Vital Signs Ministries has saved lives, restored families, and helped energize Christ-centered pro-life advocates throughout America and far beyond. We are an organization that is dedicated to God’s Word, and our work to fight for life serves as obedience to scripture. Until God’s triumph is fully realized, we’re staying the course!

But be doers of the word,
and not hearers only.