November 2021 Denny & Claire’s 50th Anniversary
October 2021 Autumn Review & Preview
September 2021 A “Dear Friends” Letter
August 2021 We Asked Four Questions
July 2021 Another Mountain Adventure (with a Twist)
June 2021 Just One Week
May 2021 The Importance of Letters
April 2021 “When We All Get to Heaven”
March 2021 Overcoming the Trials of Our Time
February 2021 The True Emmanuel Moment
January 2021 An Award, the Walk for Life, and a Word from Hobbits


December 2020 Cruising Through Christmas
November 2020 Post-Election Letter
October 2020 On Friendship
September 2020 Once Again to the Top
August 2020 Lessons Learned from King Asa
July 2020 Some Thoughts on “The Disciple’s Prayer”
June 2020 VSM Ministering During the Quarantine
May 2020 You are a more important person than you can imagine.
April 2020 What is VSM doing during the “Great Hunkering Down”?
March 2020 “When Swing Was King” Testimonies
February 2020 The Latest in Pro-Life Events
January 2020 The Calling of Matthew


December 2019 What an Autumn! Now Christmas!
November 2019 Complacency vs Chivalric Ideals
October 2019 British Adventure/Pie Social
September 2019 “The Only Thing of Importance”
August 2019 To the Heights
July 2019 Responding to the Alarms
June 2019 God’s Mercy Is Still at Work in the Culture Wars!
May 2019 Traps and Snares
April 2019 What’s Been Happening?
March 2019 Life in the Margins
February 2019 Reflections on the March for Life
January 2019 Lovely Christmas Season. Ready for 2019.


December 2018 Swinging Into Christmas
November 2018 A Special Visitor from Manchester, England
October 2018 Live from Branson Plus Info About the Pie Social
September 2018 An Intense Month
August 2018 Denny Talks About Claire
July 2018 On Spiritual Exercises
June 2018 Working Things Out
May 2018 Thanksgiving Jar Updates
April 2018 The Present of Compliments
March 2018 Can You Know That Your Sins Are Forgiven?
February 2018 Everyone’s in Love with WSWK
January 2018 Review, Resolutions & Recommedations


December 2017 Christmas Reflection
November 2017 An Exposition of Exodus 21:22-25
October 2017 “Breaking” News from Branson
But be doers of the word,
and not hearers only.