The Top 5 (Well, Maybe a Bit More This Week) (July 13)

This week has had so many “impact events” resulting in some remarkably insightful reporting (and equipping commentary) that I just couldn’t stop at five this week. Indeed, here for this week is a Top 10. Note that it includes 4 articles from Suzanne Bowdey, the Senior Writer for Family Research Council’s news outlet, The Washington Stand….

18-Year Old Country Singer Scores Big with a New Pro-Life Anthem

 A song with a tender pro-life message has reached the top 5 on iTunes’ chart for country music less than three weeks after its release by 18-year old beauty Rachel Holt.  Check out “I Was Gonna Be” below and then read Oliva Pero’s story about the song, songwriter, and singer right here at the Daily Signal….

Another Very Embarrassing Problems for Darwinians

In continuing this month’s series of posts dealing with evolution, intelligent design, and divine creation, here is a slightly edited note from a Vital Signs Blog post from way back in July of 2008. However, the post’s content is as relevant as ever and even the article I mention at the conclusion is still online….

Up, Up and Away…Forever

(This post originally appeared in June of 2012.) It was a little before six yesterday morning and I was on my way to Panera’s for my regular Tuesday morning routine – prayerfully planning out the week, clearing up correspondence and enjoying an always stimulating conversation with John Malek – when I saw a lonely but…

Swinging with the July “When Swing Was King”

We had an especially delightful start to our July “When Swing Was King” schedule as Harold and Mary Dee Berry dropped into our first show of the month which was at Legacy Arbors in the Havelock area of north Lincoln. The Berrys then joined us for a late breakfast/early lunch at The Engine House just…

The Top 5 (July 6)

* “Were the Founders Deist? Here’s One Sure-Fire Piece of Evidence Against That Idea” (Tyler O’Neil, Daily Signal) From the article — Although some of America’s Founding Fathers were deists, rather than Christians, the United States owes a debt of gratitude to a Judeo-Christian moral framework that goes beyond mere deism—and the proof is in the Declaration…

Intelligent Design Creates the “Ultimate Skepticism”

Speaking of the Intelligent Design movement and the resulting cracks in the “great wall” of evolution, America’s most compelling novelist, the late Tom Wolfe writes… “This, science’s Ultimate Skepticism, has been spreading ever since then. Over the past two years even Darwinism, a sacred tenet among American scientists for the past seventy years, has been…

Cowboy Role Models

Mamas, you can go ahead and let your babies grow up to be cowboys…if, that is, they grow up following cowboy codes like the ones you’ll find below. My sermon yesterday at Wellspring Church down in Papillion was entitled, “Let’s Talk About Role Models” with the foundational text being 1 Corinthians 11: 1,2. And I…

The Top 5 (June 29)

* “America Is In Shambles Because Of Democrat Policies, Not Just Joe Biden” (Kylee Griswold, Federalist) From the article — The jig is up. Here’s what disillusioned Democrats and independents and moderates need to know. What all the blue-state refugees who now live in Texas and Florida instead of California and New York City need to admit….

But be doers of the word,
and not hearers only.