Before the quarantines and lockdowns began last March, we were presenting live “When Swing Was King” shows at 12 nursing homes/senior living facilities every month. Finally, things are beginning to open up…but just a bit. And so we are encouraging all of our friends to pray for increased opportunities very soon.

WSWK Calendar

June 8 – Pacific Springs at 3:00

June 10 – Elk Ridge Assisted Living at 2:00

June 14 – Esprit at 2:00

June 15 – Lakeside Village at 10:15

June 15 – Immanuel Village at 2:00

June 20 – Heritage at Sterling Ridge at 1:30

June 21 – Aksarben Village at 1:30

July 8 – Elkridge at 2:00

July 13 – Pacific Springs at 3:00

July 18 – Heritage at Sterling Ridge at 1:30

July 19 – Aksarben Village at 1:30

July 20 – Lakeside Village at 10:15

July 20 – Immanuel Village at 2:00

Just What Is “When Swing Was King”?

Read a wonderful article about how “When Swing Was King” started and what this ministry is all about.

“Helping Deal with the Quarantine”:

When all 12 of the senior living facilities where we were presenting our “When Swing Was King” monthly shows went into severe lockdown a year ago, our live presentations of big band music, photographs, and social interaction were put on the shelf.  However, because we still wanted to do something to help the residents deal with the isolation and boredom from the quarantines, we started creating “activity pages” that offered quizzes, quotations, song lyrics, photographs, and a personal letter from us.  In fact, we created a 9-page packet that we sent every week to the activity directors who then made copies for the residents.  In some cases, they used them in limited social gatherings too.  Claire and I wanted to remind the residents that we were thinking of them, lifting prayers to God in their behalf, and trying to provide some measure of fun engagement.

Well, the response was greater than anything we could imagine.  Indeed, the appreciation has been so strong that even though we are finally being allowed to resume our live “When Swing Was King” shows in a few of the facilities, we have decided to continue to produce these activity packets every month even – when we resume our regular schedule. 

Another fantastic thing we saw develop over this past year was that by uploading these activity pages onto the Vital Signs Ministries website, people around the nation (and even further abroad) were able to utilize them for themselves and family members, neighbors, church members, etc. to whom they passed them along.  So, here on this page of the Vital Signs website, you’ll find every single packet in the series.  Have fun!

But be doers of the word,
and not hearers only.