In the Taking Action section, we mention our “mercy ministries” to seniors and others with special needs who live in care facilities. But here you’ll see a few of the articles that deal directly with “When Swing Was King,” our Sunday afternoon church service, our anti-boredom packets, reviews of the novel The Christmas Room, and more.

Just What Is “When Swing Was King”?

Read a wonderful article about how “When Swing Was King” started and what this ministry is all about.

“How Can My Friends and I Serve Seniors?

Dear _,

Thanks for your interest. Claire and I would certainly find time to talk to your friends about ministries to seniors if you’d like. But let me start by listing a few of the basic possibilities. Read More.

“Thank You So Much for Doing This For Us!”

“Thank You So Much for Doing This for Us!”
That’s what Norma said to me as she squeezed my hand after our church service. “You do such a good job and you’ve really become our friends….” Read More.

Reviews Of The Christmas Room

The Christmas Room by Denny Hartford is an honest, uplifting look at nursing home life, a novel that is full of human interest, spiritual challenge, and Christmas cheer. Below are some reviews of the book. Read More.

The Nursing Home Business: It Shouldn’t Be Mere Business for Christians

The nursing home in your neighborhood is, of course, a business. It is concerned with making money (even if the primary source of that money is from government) and it can only stay in business if it “earns” more than it spends in staff, building maintenance, equipment, supplies, and promotion. Read More.

“Helping Deal with the Quarantine”

When all 12 of the senior living facilities where we were presenting our “When Swing Was King” monthly shows went into severe lockdown a year ago, our live presentations of big band music, photographs, and social interaction were put on the shelf.  Read More.

WSWK Calendar

May 9 – Immanuel Courtyard at 2:00

May 13 – Legacy Arbor in Lincoln at 10:30

May 14 – Cedarhurst at 2:00

May 16 – Echo Hills at 2:30

May 17 – Newport House at 10:30

May 17 – Brookestone Village at 3:30

May 20 – Sterling Ridge at 1:30

May 20 – Pacific Springs at 3:15

May 21 – Aksarben Village at 1:30

May 22- Immanuel Village at 2:00

But be doers of the word,
and not hearers only.