The Christmas Room by Denny Hartford is an honest, uplifting look at nursing home life, a novel that is full of human interest, spiritual challenge, and Christmas cheer. Below are some reviews of the book.

“I loved The Christmas Room. The story is innovative and captivating, full of familial struggles and true to life stories that so many can relate to as they deal with aging parents. You’ll learn and grow in your knowledge of care for the elderly and will be encouraged by the healing power of love, patience and kindness. Assisted living and nursing home employees/employers will especially enjoy how they can relate to so much in this book. Senior citizens have much to offer us!”

“Great read. Denny does a great job bringing out the good as well as the bad that families face dealing with family issues while also juggling the declining health of a loved one. Going to be sending this to friends and loved ones for Christmas 2015. Thank you!”

“Thank you so much.  The Christmas Room is written with so much appreciation and respect for our elders as well as capturing the daily blood, sweat, tears, and joy of a nursing home.”

The Christmas Room is a book that holds your heart. Each page is full of love, compassion and joy. While the characters go through their trials and doubts – their faith grows, as forgiveness, mercy and understanding is waiting for them if they just trust and believe. A good read from a strong Christian writer.”

“The book is a bit of heaven in this cursed world. Oh, if there really was a place like this for someone who needs care. This would be the place. Mr. Hartford has such a wonderful way of weaving the personalities in harmony, problem solving, love, and respect for the dignity of all life. What a great book!”I recently read Denny Hartford’s heartwarming novel while in the process of applying for my certification in Clinical Pastoral Education. The confluence of these two events couldn’t have more timely. It’s not merely that I was enlightened in regard to life in what we used to call nursing homes, but I gained insights into the kinds of people who make such institutions a success. Since I may one day soon be working in such a home, I feel better prepared for the kinds of dramas and crises that occur there.

That’s reason enough for you to buy and savor this delightful story. But there’s more. Hartford’s book has been personally encouraging to me. It is not inconceivable that in the not distant days ahead, I may find myself a resident of such a home. To know that there are the Carolyn Kovacs and Rita Costellos all around us is immensely hopeful.

I recommend this book to pastors and lay workers who visit those in hospitals, rest homes and long-term care institutions. It might also find its way onto the training schedule of those who care for others in such places.”

Thanks to Denny Hartford for this true-to-life tale of grace and mercy.”

The Christmas Room was a delight! A very uplifting book with a cast of characters that made it hard to put down. What a joy to read a book that I could relate to and with a great message. It brought back all the wonderful memories along with some tears, after taking care of my own Mom for many years. This book is encouraging as it isn’t easy to make decisions for a loved one as they are nearing the end of their life. We all need to hear that our lives matter and have meaning in this hard world we live in and this book gives readers this message.”

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