The following is a letter I’m sending today to the NCAA. Similar letters will also be sent to the International Olympic Committee, to President Biden, to Nebraska’s Congressional delegation, and Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen.

To the NCAA,

Such a bizarre contradiction of the original intents of Title IX could hardly be imagined than allowing biological men to invade female sports, stealing from girls and women the opportunities for honest and fair athletic competitions for which they have long dreamed, strenuously trained for, and fully deserve to receive. Indeed, this recent fad of accepting biological men into female athletics is not only a reprehensible repudiation of the very purposes laid out in 1972 in Title IX, it is also a blatant denial of the most basic principles of feminism, moral decorum, and science.

Please face the facts. No change of pronouns, no psychological reorientation, no drugs or surgery can provide a sufficient excuse for forcing girls and women to compete with persons born as males who thus have inherent (and profound) advantages of strength, speed, and stamina. There’s no other way to put it — girls and women are being cheated. And the worst offenders are not the biological men lining up at the starting line with women, but rather the schools and sports associations that allow them to do so…and, of course, the Biden administration which, though claiming so loudly to be pro-woman, is being exactly opposite those claims by trying to force Americans into one of the most despicably sexist policies of all time.

This is a matter of simple fairness, so please do the right thing. Resist this new anti-woman fad. Instead, respect female athletes by ensuring for them a level playing field.

P. S. I include this popular visual from the Babylon Bee that accurately (if though satirically) illustrates the foolishness and over-the-top unfairness of forcing women to compete against men.

But be doers of the word,
and not hearers only.