Our Love for the Father Through the Eyes of a Child

(Guest Column by Dr. Ralph Kramper)

As I talked to several sidewalk advocates outside planned parenthood in Omaha, Nebraska this morning, I was called by the Holy Spirit to write a brief reflection about a simple experience that was a teaching moment. The Holy Spirit is our advocate whenever we choose to call upon Him.

This morning, my son-in-law brought to our home his two daughters, one seven and one two. Of course, the older one was happy to be there to be watched and interact with the grandparents. When the 2 year old realized dad was leaving, she broke into immediate intense tears. It appeared the departure of a most loving dad was quite devastating. Fortunately, some Mickey Mouse “shorts” on the internet helped to distract her from the feeling of loss. When I returned home from praying at Planned Parenthood she returned to frantic tears when it was not dad at the door.

My in-soul advocate called me to reflect on what should be our response when we refuse and walk away from the love of the heavenly Father who made us in His image. Realistically, we should be in great distress and tearful that we have rejected His passionate love for us. His absence prevents peace in our hearts. He never leaves us.

Yes, God sent His only Son that we might be saved from our sins and dwell with Him forever. Indeed, we should recognize His absence and be in great distress. Fortunately, the Trinity never says, “I’m done with you!” Amazing the truth we can learn from a child.

But be doers of the word,
and not hearers only.