About That Pro-Abortion Ballot Initiative

Protect Our Rights is a group urging all limitations on abortion be eliminated. They are attempting a petition drive which, if successful, would put on the Nebraska ballot language which would enshrine in the Nebraska Constitution a right to abortion until birth. This not only means unlimited abortion throughout a pregnancy, as heinous as that is, but these abortion advocates are pushing language that would and even allow post-viability abortion if the doctor (the abortionist) believes it best for the mother’s health. And, as you know too well, courts have allowed “health” to cover a host of nonmusical factors, including financial status. You can find out more about the despicable outcomes such a measure could create by checking with any of the several excellent pro-life advocacy organizations in our state. But suffice it for now to1) put this crucial matter on your prayer list; 2) pass word to family friends, ministers, church friends, etc. about what the Protect Our Rights petition really represents; 3) urge everyone you know NOT to sign the petition but rather expose it for what it is; and 4) pray a bit more! At the BP4L upcoming luncheon, our speaker will be sharing additional information about this very dangerous move by pro-abortion zealots.

1. Open Letter to Pastors

      2. Nebraska Can – And Must – Stop the Abortion Industry’s Latest Initiative by Brenna Grasz

      But be doers of the word,
      and not hearers only.