Dear Pastor,

            The latest session of the Nebraska Unicameral was certainly a tumultuous one as common-sense efforts to protect preborn children from abortion, to allow parents a bit more freedom in the education of their children, and to prevent “woke” extremists from furthering their campaign for gender bending at the expense of Nebraska minors were met by profane, raucous, even violent opposition. And though, in some degree, the rude and clownish behavior of leftist senators on the Unicameral floor, (combined with the rude, criminal behavior of their allies in the halls and balcony) may have actually been counter-productive, the sad fact is that the Legislature failed (by one vote) to secure LB 626, the Heartbeat Act, which would have saved innumerable babies from the barbaric violence of abortion.

            Could the defeat of the Heartbeat Act have been avoided? Of course. For in many of the legislative districts across the state (especially those in urban areas), the election victories of far-left candidates were by slim margins. And had the people attending Catholic and evangelical churches in those districts been better informed of the candidates’ positions, had those church-going folks been more aware of the high stakes involved, had those Christian been inspired by their pastoral leadership to see their votes as an important expression of being salt and light in the culture – the passage of the Heartbeat Act and its powerful protection of thousands of preborn boys and girls could have been a reality.

            Let’s make sure that the Christian Church in our area does not neglect the opportunity to “do justice” om the future. Indeed, please be sure to present the biblical truths regarding the sanctity of life as well as the sanctity of marriage and family, to your congregation, including the urgent responsibilities Christian believers have to “occupy until Jesus comes” and to “strengthen the things that remain” through the peaceful, principled political actions that God has allowed Christians us to enjoy.

            Thank you so much for your attention to our appeal.

Dear Governor Pillen,

            My, my – your first Unicameral session proved to be a particularly challenging one. Nevertheless, your principled service in the pro-life, pro-family cause was a profound, inspirational force and we thank you for your steadfastness and engaging leadership. We promise to keep you in our frequent prayers. Thank you so very much!

*Letters similar to the following were sent to Nebraska Right to Life, Nebraska Catholic Conference and Nebraska Family Alliance.

Dear Friends,

            Well, we may have had more tumultuous Unicameral sessions than the one that just ended…but I can’t remember them! Nevertheless, you guys proved to be up to the challenge and your prayers, wise counsel, and skilled advocacy won several key victories for life and family. Thank you. To have overcome such difficult, noisy, and profane opposition with a peaceful, compassionate, and balanced example was a profound testimony to all of Nebraska and beyond. We commend you all and we promise to keep praying for your good work to come.

Senator Armendariz,

            With the conclusion to the Unicameral session, we wanted to again send along our deepest sincere for your distinguished service to the people of your district…and to the citizens of Nebraska. You certainly had a most interesting session for your first time around but you handled the pressure, controversies, and unexpected developments very well. Way to go! Of course, we most appreciate your support of the Heartbeat Act LB626, Let Them Grow Act LB574, and School Choice LB753. Our heartfelt thanks for those votes.

            We also appreciate the invitation to your Town Hall meeting on June 20th, but we regret we are hosting Vital Signs Ministries’ quarterly letter-writing that evening. Next time, okay?

But be doers of the word,
and not hearers only.