We were blessed to be part of the very large audience at the Assure Women’s
Center banquet last night…and for several reasons. For instance, it was wonderful to again hear director Toni Clarke detail the effectiveness of Assure in helping women and families, dissuading women from committing abortion, winsomely sharing the gospel with clients, helping people experience thorough forgiveness and healing from past abortion decisions, engaging in unique and highly persuasive educational ministries through social media, and more. Assure is clearly one of the most influential and thoroughly biblical Christian ministries in the Midwest.

But last night was also important because the leadership of Assure, knowing all too well the grave dangers to pro-life work posed by the extremist Protect Our Rights ballot initiative which, if successful, would enshrine absolutely unlimited abortion in the Nebraska state constitution, addressed the matter with courage and wisdom. Toni herself spoke briefly to the matter, but Assure also built into the evening’s program remarks directly aimed at the ballot initiative by Lorelee Byrd, Karen Bowling of the Nebraska Family Alliance, former Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson, and Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen. Thank you, Assure, for including that crucial service to the pro-life community in the evening’s purposes.

And, of course, I must not fail to mention that the keynote speaker for the Assure banquet, Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon, provided inspiration and encouragement to the large gathering present. Among his stimulating remarks were “5 Imperatives in Defeating the Culture of Death.” They were 1) We must secure the right to speak freely. 2) Defend reality. 3) We must aim at victory, not compromise. 4) Focus on winning back the culture. And 5) Courage is contagious. Within these five challenges, Dillon had a lot of sage advice, presented in a provocative, often humorous, way — advice and challenge that this veteran pro-life activist deeply appreciated.

Of course, another wonderful blessing in the evening for Claire and I was being able to share it with the guests at our tables: Bev, Suzi, Gary & Christi, Charlotte, Kathy, John & Tabi, Karla, Sonya, Dan & Cindy, Tom & Lila, David & Ruth, Matt & Vivien, Matt, Luke, Ryan, Kyra, Reagan, Rob & Hope, Mark & Mary, and Sharon. What a noble company indeed!

Thanks so much, Assure staff, for a most inspiring evening. And thanks even more for the ongoing work you do for moms, babies, families, the Church, and the hopes of restoring to our culture a respect for the sacredness of human life.

But be doers of the word,
and not hearers only.