“One in three female voters wants a party to win her vote on abortion” (Matt Lamb, Human Life Review)

From the article — Among female registered voters, 22% say they do not trust either candidate on abortion, while 13% are “not sure.” An almost equal amount (34%) have trust issues with both political parties on abortion.

This shows an opening for pro-life candidates and the Republican Party. The Democratic Party is clear on its position: legalize abortion through the moment of birth, mail abortion drugs across the country and hand them out at Walgreens, and force taxpayers to support the killing of preborn babies. Democrats also want pregnancy resource centers closed.

Republicans have been a bit murkier on their plans, with some favoring a national abortion ban, some wanting the issue left up to the states, and some probably not wanting to talk about the issue at all.

But the fact the Democrats have not won over one in three female voters with their position shows there is room for pro-lifers to shift the Overton Window and get voters to support the party that is more opposed to abortion.”

* “Stemming the Tide: Denny Speaks to the Nebraska Abortion Ballot Controversy” (Denny Hartford, Vital Signs Blog)

From the article — “And yes, just such a constitutional amendment is being advocated even now for Nebraska. It is called the Protect Our Rights amendment and it is enthusiastically and financially backed by the mega-abortion profiteer Planned Parenthood, the Nebraska chapter of the ACLU, and other groups and individuals representing the most extreme of the anti-life ideologies. Their goals are clear. Among them ? No limits whatsoever (not even health and safety regulations) on abortion. No laws to protect preborn boys and girls even from late term destruction. No informed consent. No parental consent — not even parental notification. Zero accountability for abortionists. Yet more tax funding of abortionist businesses. (Planned Parenthood alone rakes in hundreds of millions from the government every year.) The denial of conscience clauses which would thus require pro-life medical personnel to participate in abortions. And the aggressive prohibition of such historic freedoms as speech and assembly when they involve pro-life sidewalk counselors, public rallies, and even pregnancy aid centers.

Exposing the horrible effects of this wildly radical abortion amendment must be the Christian’s most urgent and critical response. And I cannot emphasize this too strongly.”

“The chilling rise of the Hamas red triangle: Anti-Israel bigots have adopted the terror group’s propaganda symbol to threaten and intimidate Jews.” (Daniel Ben-Ami, spiked!)

From the article — “This attack on the homes of Pasternak and other board members comes on the back of countless other anti-Semitic incidents in New York, the city with the largest Jewish population in the world. These include a keffiyeh-sporting mob on a subway carriage chanting ‘Raise your hands if you’re a Zionist – this is your chance to get out’; protesters shouting ‘Israel go to hell’ outside an exhibition memorialising those slaughtered by Hamas at the Nova music festival; and the long-running anti-Israel protests at Columbia University. No wonder one leading Jewish magazine is asking whether New York is over for Jews.

The use of the inverted red triangle to target Pasternak’s home is particularly chilling. This symbol is directed at anyone deemed to be pro-Israel or who does not explicitly condemn the Jewish State.”

“The West Is Sick of the New Woke Jihadism” (Victor Davis Hanson, Daily Signal)

From the article — “So woke jihadism is not an ecumenical concern for the oppressed, the occupied, the collateral damage of war, or the fate of refugees. Instead, it is a romanticized and repackaged anti-Western, anti-Israel, and antisemitic jihadism that supports the murder of civilians, mass rape, torture, and hostage-taking.

But what makes it now so insidious is its new tripartite constituency.”

“Unequal Application Of The Law In America Today Isn’t Hypocrisy, It’s Hierarchy” (John Daniel Davidson, Federalist)

From the article — “As tempting as it is to call out the hypocrisy here — teenagers hunted down and charged for defacing a pride mural, no punishment at all for a mob of left-wing protesters defacing national monuments — that would miss the point. This isn’t hypocrisy on display, it’s hierarchy.

When you see harsh punishments for those who dissent from the regime on the one hand, but total leniency (and tacit regime endorsement) for those who are essentially regime enforcers on the other hand, what you’re seeing is a display of power. Its purpose is to communicate to the rest of the country who has power and who doesn’t, who is protected and who isn’t.”

But be doers of the word,
and not hearers only.