“The Hidden Hurt behind Pride Month and Sexual Rebellion” (Suzanne Bowdey, Washington Stand)

From the article — The reality, Pullman explains, is that “people who have unstable families where children are not growing up in the homes with their two biological married parents [are] much more likely to identify as queer. And then on the flip side,” she continues, that kind of family trauma can also express itself in “a lack of natural identity [that] God has given each of us as man and woman…” She goes on to say that these young people grow up to be much more likely to engage in “every sign of personal distress,” including crime, teen pregnancy, and LGBT identification.

So, the “sexual chaos that children are experiencing,” Joy says, is what she sees “as kind of a second-, third-generation consequence of our culture’s acceptance of feminism, no-fault divorce, and those other things. … And so all of these decisions that people are making absolutely affect each other.”

* “The media’s great awokening is alienating the masses: Audiences are fed up with newspapers, Hollywood and Big Tech all singing from the same woke hymn sheet.” (Joel Kotkin, spiked!

From the article — 

“An Open Letter from Herta Muller” (A Nobel Prize winning writer has written a shocking wake-up call to the West regarding the madness that has gripped parts of Western society since Hamas attacked Israel. Published in Truth of the Middle East)

From the article — That is why the whole country has been traumatized, because the founding of the state of Israel was intended to protect against such pogroms. And until October 7, it was believed to be protected. Although Hamas has been sitting on the state of Israel’s neck since 1987. The Hamas founding charter clearly stated that the destruction of the Jews was the goal, and that “death for God is our noblest wish”.

Even though there have been changes to this charter since then, it is clear that nothing has changed: the destruction of the Jews and the destruction of Israel remain the goal and desire of Hamas. This is exactly the same as in Iran. In the Islamic Republic of Iran, the destruction of the Jews has also been state doctrine since its foundation, that is, since 1979.

When talking about the terror of Hamas, Iran should always be included in the discussion. The same principles apply, which is why big brother Iran finances, arms and makes little brother Hamas its henchman. Both are merciless dictatorships. And we know that all dictators become more radical the longer they rule.

“Supreme Court’s decision on abortion drugs: A wake-up call for church leaders” (Josue Sierra, Christian Post)

From the article — The fact remains that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has failed to abide by its legal obligations to protect the health, safety, and welfare of girls and women. Sadly, the ruling allows these dangerous drugs to remain widely accessible without proper medical oversight. This decision should challenge Christian pastors and church leaders to play a more active role in providing moral clarity, and educating and warning their congregations about the true danger and risks of abortion.

As Senior Counsel Erin Hawley of Alliance Defending Freedom notes, “The FDA recklessly leaves women and girls to take these high-risk drugs all alone in their homes or dorm rooms, without requiring the ongoing, in-person care of a doctor.” The FDA’s own label warns that approximately one in 25 women who take chemical abortion drugs will end up in the emergency room. This alarming statistic highlights the physical risks associated with these drugs and the need for increased awareness and support within our churches.

“True and False Abortion History: It’s not true that abortion was unregulated in America before 1821.” (John Grondelski, Human Life Review)

From the article — As to Arizona’s “archaic” 1864 law, I would send readers to a far-too-neglected masterpiece of legal reasoning: then-Justice William Rehnquist’s dissent in Roe v. Wade. Roe was decided in 1973 by a 7-2 vote; Justices Byron White and Rehnquist dissented. White’s dissent is much better known for its memorable phrase that the ruling was “an exercise of raw judicial power.”

Rehnquist’s dissent, less quoted, is a masterpiece of historical research. Although the Supreme Court in Roe could not decide for sure just where in the Constitution the “right to abortion” was to be found, one of the preferred candidates was the 14th Amendment and its “due process” clause. That amendment was ratified in 1868, when most states had enacted laws protecting the unborn against abortion. Twenty-eight states were required to ratify the 14th Amendment; as Rehnquist shows, 36 states had anti-abortion laws on the books, a considerable number of them — including Arizona (then a territory) — in the 15 years before the 14th Amendment.

Why is that important? Well, if the 14th Amendment grounds the “right to abortion,” how is it that nobody — not in Congress, not in the 28+ state legislatures that ratified it — ever suggested the Amendment had anything to do with abortion, much less required it to be legal? Many of those states were also enacting pro-life laws in that era, so it’s not that the question was forgotten. The same Congress that passed the 14th Amendment even passed some abortion restrictions for the territories.

“The tragedy of Net Zero for the world’s poor.” (David Wright, The Conservative Woman)

From the article — IT HAS been calculated that the West spends half a trillion dollars a year on the futile attempt to ameliorate the non-existent effects of the global warming catastrophe hoax. I suspect that it is considerably more than that. Meanwhile all the world’s poor live shorter lives, struggle to put even basic food on the table, cook on open fires of wood and dung inside their homes where they inhale the smoke, walk miles to fill buckets with water to wash and drink and after sunset live in the dark with no electric lights. All this without even considering the availability of medical care which we take for granted and so often abuse.

In Africa alone almost half a billion people live in abject poverty. Add to these the slum-dwellers of India, Bangladesh and many South American countries and a picture emerges of intolerable living conditions in the 21st century for a large percentage of mankind. Many of us, nay, most of the rest of us, are unaware how awful this is and blissfully enjoy the comfortable, plentiful lives we lead.

The Net Zero zealots are certainly fully aware of this but they don’t care that Net Zero will prolong this situation, probably for ever. At least one group of green nutters has actually admitted this.

But be doers of the word,
and not hearers only.