“NFL Kicker’s Pro-Family Commencement Speech Sparks Left-Wing Backlash” (S.A. McCarthy, Washington Stand)

From the article — Commenting on the backlash against Butker’s speech, author and publisher at The American Spectator Melissa Mackenzie told The Washington Stand, “Butker kicked a hornet’s nest by denouncing the crass emptiness of a world where people are motivated by selfish desire instead of sacrificial love. So many people lead empty, self-seeking lives, whether it’s trading values for power or trading values for transient sexual pleasure.” She added, “Butker calls these sinners to account and asks them, instead, to return to the truth where peace, fulfillment and salvation lie.”

Mackenzie also stated, “That Butker sees these timeless truths at such a young age and is willing to use his celebrity to express his views is both courageous and necessary. Most people recognize the veracity of his point of view which is why they react so violently to it. Me thinks they doth protest too much.”

“1948 Was Key” (Editors, One for Israel)

From the article — Like a key that unlocked the proverbial Pandora’s Box, the events of 1948 have rippled out from Israel and affected the whole world. Why does this small strip of land matter so much? Other lands are contested, fought over, have changed hands and experienced turmoil, but there is something seriously significant about the land of Israel. Clearly 1948 holds very different connotations for those on different sides of the conflict, and then there’s a whole other meaning for those out in the nations. What does it mean for you? But most importantly, what does God think about it all?

“The Left’s Campus Protest Scam” (Michael Lind, Tablet)

From the article — “The issue is not the issue.” This saying of the campus left is as true today as it was in the 1960s. Whatever the ostensible issue may be that provides the occasion for a nationwide wave of campus protests, the list of demands presented to university administrators by student protesters and allied outside agitators is remarkably similar — suggesting that the point of the exercise may lie closer to home.

For half a century now, the passion of idealistic students involved in campus protests that were purported to be about national and global issues (the Vietnam War, racism, police shootings, climate change, and now Israel’s war against Hamas) has been diverted into narrow efforts to multiply jobs and teaching opportunities for leftist professors, administrators, consultants and other foot-soldiers and clients of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. In turn, these campus activists have helped to transform American universities from engines of upward mobility and economic growth to taxpayer-funded ideological indoctrination centers…

* “SOS: Stop the World Health Organization’s Tyrannical May 27 Power Grab” (Robert Williams, Gatestone Institute)

From the article — The WHO is not elected, has no democratic legitimacy, is not accountable to anyone and has no control mechanisms to restrain its reach. After the horrifying failures of the WHO during Covid-19, the answer is not to give the organization more power, but to disengage from it entirely.

The UN and the WHO evidently want unlimited control. If they are not stopped right now by national governments that refuse to approve the new Pandemic Treaty and proposed International Health Regulations amendments, unlimited control is what they will have — and it is we who will have given it to them.

“Lenin 100 Hundred Years Later” (Daniel J. Mahoney, Fusion)

From the article — To the historical determinism central to the Marxism of Marx, Lenin added a penchant for revolutionary conspiracies and a criminal preference for clandestine activities, including robbery. He had no love for Russia whatsoever. And he loathed the European working class (and sundry social democratic parties) for siding with their respective countries over ideological criteria at the outset of World War I. A master tactician, expert conspirator, and ruthless Machiavellian, Lenin plotted with the Germans to return to Russia in a sealed train in April 1917, in time to inflict the coup de grace on a weak and ineffectual Provisional government dominated by feckless liberals and socialists. He was amply funded by a Germany that aggressively sought to undermine what was left of the Russian empire. Any self-respecting government would have arrested him for treason. While peasant mobs looted and set fire to landed estates, and the revolutionary Soviets systematically undermined the integrity and cohesion of the Russian armed forces, Lenin prepared the final blow, a coup d’état (not a popular “revolution”) to seize control of a vast nation for what was by then called the Bolshevik party. A first coup failed in July 1917. A second succeeded in October 1917. Lenin now had his opportunity to achieve utopia-in-power. But what utopia did he have in mind?

But be doers of the word,
and not hearers only.