Claire and I had the most enlightening, inspiring time last night as we attended Glow, the benefit banquet for Essential Pregnancy Services. That eventwas held at the Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs and I’m guessing the crowd was near 700, maybe more. That kind of turnout represented quite a difference from the days that Claire and I were first involved with EPS — like way back in 1983 — and we were very happy for the EPS team. And, as the evening progressed, we were even more impressed to see how the services they provide for women experiencing unexpected and under-supported pregnancies has expanded. Way to go, EPS!

We were also very encouraged to see how open and enthusiastic is the current EPS staff’s dependence on almighty God in their ministries for “the least of these” and their families, for young people being exploited by the hedonistic lies about sex and identity, and for the culture at large to get serious about standing firm and compassionate for the sanctity of life. 

Let me jot down just a few of the specific points of the evening that were highlights for us: 

1) We enjoyed seeing pro-life friends like Matt Troutman, John & Mary Ann Kellogg, Ralph & Carol Kramper, John & Mary Zach, Joe & Louise Ferrante, Dan Witt, and others. The venue was attractive and serviceable. The meal was quite good. And the emcee, Omaha City Councilwoman Aimee Melton, did a fine job.

2) We appreciated very much EPS Executive Director Kerri Gilson’s update on the ministry and for her stirring charge to the assembly for increasing prayers and concerted work against the ballot initiative/amendment effort underway by extremist abortion zealots that would, if successful, enshrine unlimited abortion in our state Constitution. EPS is a direct service ministry and doesn’t normally engage in activities that might be deemed by some as “political.” But the danger is much too great a threat to NOT address it. We applaud the ministry for taking this opportunity for making this crucial exhortation. 

3) EPS understands that, in our day, the most dire threat to pre born boys and girls comes from chemical poisons. And, like many of their devoted pro-life colleagues (including those at Assure Women’s Center with whom Claire and I are most directly connected), they are tackling that threat with courage and skill.

4) The EPS choice for their Glow speaker was truly an outstanding pick, Toni McFadden. Toni’s Her story of being pressured into an abortion when a high school student; the mean, deceptive, and greedy practices employed by the abortionist; the subsequent horror and far-reaching effects of that act; and then Toni’s meeting the lavish and forever forgiveness in the cross of Jesus Christ was riveting…and memorable to the max. And the surprising twist at the end of Toni’s testimony? Well, I won’t spoil it for you. Read the book!

Redeemed —

EPS, thank you so much for a most splendid and inspiring evening! 

But be doers of the word,
and not hearers only.